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"Training of top management of small and medium-sized enterprises" Component

"Training of top management of small and medium-sized enterprises" Component aims to introduce new models of building a successful business, to develop effective existing enterprises management skills and to address strategic and tactical business objectives on the basis of the School of Business at AEO "Nazarbayev University" with involvement of foreign training centers under the Unified program for business support and development "Business Road Map 2020".

Purpose of Training:

  • Training of senior managers in the latest models of building and doing business;
  • Increased competitiveness, viability and sustainable growth of companies;
  • Raising the entrepreneurial level of conducting business among population.

Project Participation Terms:

  • Participants of the component may be senior and middle managers of small and medium-sized enterprises operating in the priority sectors of economy;
  • Participants of the component cover their own travel costs to the place of training and back, as well as accommodation for the period of training;
  • Participants’ training costs will be covered from the national budget.

Training Process

Training of top management of small and medium-sized enterprises consists of 3 stages:


Three-day residential courses in classrooms in groups of 30 participants (14 groups).

Main subjects (Training Program):

  • 1Day
    Identifying opportunities.

    Introduction to the model of building a successful and growing business;

    The criteria for identifying potential business opportunities;

    Learning the basics of business -models (review of business cases);

    Market Feasibility Planning.

  • 2Day
    Utilization of resources.

    Potential for use of human, information, financial resources, assets and business plans;

    The principles of creating lean organization;

    How to recognize the sources of waste of the resources in the organization and how to address them;

    Cash flow management for financial stability of the organization;

    Methods of creating service-oriented organizations;

    Workshops on finances and business development;

  • 3Day
    People and the future.

    Development of a successful business plan;

    Leadership. Difference between "management" and "leadership";

    The role of a leader in SME organizations;

    Business Valuation Methods;

    Writing a successful business plan and its presentation;

    Instruction for working with a training website;

    Explanation of further course of training.


Online Seminars
(involving Kazakhstani specialists)

  • 1

    Legal Issues in Entrepreneurship.

  • 2

    Capital Mobilization Methods.

  • 3

    Successful Business-Plan Presentation.


Business Plans Development and Valuation

  • 1

    Market Feasibility Planning and Making a successful business plan.

  • 2

    Independent translation of materials into English.

  • 3

    Sending materials to teachers in electronic form.

After verification, subject to all comments and evaluations, business plans are sent to the developers.

Upon completion of the component entrepreneurs will receive a certificate of successful completion of the training course from Nazarbaev University jointly with the University of Duke.
Later the certificate, along with the business plan, will grant an entrepreneur with the right to apply for participation in the thematic commercial apprenticeship abroad under "Business Connections" Instrument as part of implementation of "Business Road Map-2020" Program.

Requirements for participants of "Training top management of small and medium-sized enterprises" Component:
  • The applicant must hold executive position as top and middle executive in the company.
  • The company must be a small and medium-sized business entity.
  • Current activities of the enterprise must be carried out within the List of economy priority sectors of "Business Road Map 2020" Program.