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The Program of financing small and medium enterprises’ leasing transactions

The Program is designed to stimulate economic activity of SMEs through financial leasing as a financial instrument for the further implementation of SME leasing transactions on favorable terms. The Program is implemented at the expense of the funds of the Fund “Damu”.

The Program is implemented through leasing companies and STBs. Total funds of the Program are 4.0 bln. tenge.

The program involves the following commercial banks and leasing companies:

  1. "Temіr leasing" JSC
  2. "Leasing Group" JSC
  3. "Tehno Leasing" LLP
  4. “Asia Credit Bank” JSC
  5. "Eurasian Leasing" LLP

Terms of the Program:

  • Financing is provided only to new SME leasing transactions;
  • Period of leasing deals - up to 84 months;
  • Final interest rate - not more than 14.0% per annum;
  • Transaction currency - tenge;
  • Grace period on principal debt repayment (the value of the leased asset) - up to 12 months;
  • The size of SME advance payment at their own expense under finance lease - at least 20% of the value of the leased asset;
  • Maximum limit of financing for one SME within the Program should not exceed 150 mln. tenge. Thus, due to the down payment SME total financial leasing contract may exceed 150 mln. tenge;
  • Other conditions of leasing transactions are set by STBs/Leasing companies independently.

The Program prohibits financing of leasing transactions for SME:

  • Refinance of leasing transactions;
  • In case of presence of debt on taxes and other mandatory payments to the state budget in total of more than 10 MCI on the time of applying for financing;
  • on lease back;
  • on secondary lease;
  • on subleasing.