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The "Damu" Fund and "E-SAUDA" electroniс tendering platform concluded a cooperation agreement. The parties agreed on promotion of e-Tendering tools thereby eliminating a paperwork.

There are 10 186 projects amounted to 650 billion tenge were supported by the "Damu" Fund program.

Four projects were approved with a total value of more than 900 million tenge within a government program. The funds were spent on construction of additional sanatorium hulls, modernization of existing ones, furniture and equipment supply. At that time money was taken under 14%, 7% of which was subsidized by a government within a program.

  • February 20, 2017 7:23 pm

The Dutch roses in steppes of Kazakhstan

For the start of a greenhouse complex with the Dutch technologies, the company obtained a loan in "Forte Bank" JSC in the amount 2 bln 800 mln tenge. Through the "Business road map -2020" the enterprise received subsidies in the amount of 10%.

The company got a loan for the building of plant for production of pesticides in the amount of 250 million tenge.

The Entrepreneur realized her dream using the Fund Damu support tools, as a guarantee at a rate of 16,6 million tenge and subsidy with an interest rate of 7%. 

One of the most significant events of forthcoming February will be the holding of Universiade-2017 in Almaty.

The main aim of the forum is the introduction of Turkish investors with the regional economy, investment climate, with government programs of investors support, and strengthening a trade and economic cooperation between South Kazakhstan regions and Turkish business community.

Tomatoes and cucumbers will be gardened in new greenhouses with a total area about 400 sq.m near the village of Chaglinka of the Akmola region.
On January 25, 2017 the Almaty regional branch of the "Damu" Fund with assistance of Academy of business Ernst & Young held a seminar for entrepreneurs with disabilities