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“Senior Experts” Component

Note: since 2016 implementation of “Senior Experts” Component is carried out by The National Chamber of Entrepreneurs of Kazakhstan Atameken.

The following information is for reference only and may be irrelevant!

You are in need of advice of an experienced practicing expert in your line of business, who is not your competitor?
In that case, apply for engagement of highly qualified foreign specialists on introduction of new management techniques, production technology, equipment and personnel training ("Senior Experts" Component) and you will have an internationally recognized expert come to your company with an extensive practical experience and knowledge.

What you need to know about “Senior Experts” Component

  • “Senior Experts” Component is implemented under a "BRM-2020" Unified Program (the Program) in collaboration with international foreign organizations (IFO), coordinating activities of the Senior Experts, in accordance with their mission to promote the development of small and medium enterprises through the use of knowledge and experience of Senior Experts.
  • Expert assistance is to train staff and provide practical help in addressing technical and organizational problems in order to develop practical skills in addressing questions related to conducting business.
  • Consulting program includes meetings of a Senior Expert with the Program Participant directly on the premises of the enterprise, as well as providing practical recommendations by the expert developed based on the analysis of applications filled by participants.

Expert Assistance Terms

  • Participants may be senior and middle managers of existing small and medium-sized businesses operating in the priority sectors of economy;
  • Costs related to engagement of foreign experts in the "Seniors Experts" component, as well as travel expenses and payment for services of foreign experts shall be borne at the expense of the republican budget.
  • Costs associated with an expert’s stay in Kazakhstan, including accommodation, meals, transportation within the country, per diem, and translation services shall be paid by entrepreneurs on their own.

Senior expert will teach you and your staff, will provide practical assistance in solving technical and organizational problems, and you will not have to pay him because the work of the expert for your company will be paid by the state!

All you need is to cover the costs associated with the expert’s stay in Kazakhstan: accommodation, meals, transportation and per diem in the territory of the expert mission, and translation services.

Main Goals and Objectives of “Senior Experts” Component

  • Improving professional and educational level of Kazakhstan’s entrepreneurs through the implementation of measures for obtaining consulting and mentoring services by foreign experts;
  • Establishing business relations between Kazakhstan and foreign entrepreneurs.
  • Increasing competence of entrepreneurs with the view to industry distinctive features, using the experience and knowledge of experts working in large international companies;
  • Introduction of new management techniques and production technology and staff training methods;
  • Reducing the risk in the financing of business projects of enterprises that had received expert advice.

Expert Missions Arrangement Procedure

  • The Operator ("Damu" Fund JSC) together with the Program Coordinator at the local level notifies the Program participants and small and medium-sized enterprises directly and/or through the media of "Seniors Experts" component implementation terms.
  • Applicant applies to the Operator for the engagement of foreign experts in the prescribed form.
  • The Operator reviews application and makes selection. From the selected proposals the Operator generates a consolidated application and sends it to the Operating Authority for approval.
  • The Operating Authority sends an approved list of participants to the Operator for organizational arrangements to engage foreign experts.
  • The Operator, together with the IFO, ensures engagement of foreign experts.
  • The Operator monitors implementation of the "Seniors Experts" Component.
  • IFO sends to the Contractor a progress report at the end of each mission of foreign experts.