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The "Damu" fund will conduct diagnostics of 15 companies of small and medium-sized business in 2017

May 16, 2017 11:05 am

The "Damu" fund will conduct diagnostics of 15 companies of small and medium-sized business in 2017

The new pilot project of the Damu Fund - "Support of the operating business "Asyldar" provides for the diagnosis of small and medium-sized businesses, the identification of strengths and weaknesses and identification of problems constraining the development of the company. The participants of the project will develop a so-called Road Map and Action Plan based on the results of the diagnosis, as well as expert consulting, training support, organization of foreign missions and recommendations for obtaining financial support.

The collection of applications for participation in the project "Asyldar" will last till May 24, 2017. The diagnostics of enterprises, the development of the Roadmap for development, the definition of the action plan will begin after the selection of participants. Announcement of the results of the pilot will take place at the end of 2017.

Diagnostics of small and medium-sized businesses includes analysis of the current state of the company, industrial / technological analysis, company performance analysis, roadmap, action plan and expert recommendations.

Expert consulting implies the services of highly qualified experts in the implementation of a modern model of production organization, advanced methods of doing business, marketing, improving the skills of staff when working with the latest equipment.

Individual participants of the Asyldar project are provided with individual trainings or seminars on sectoral or functional topics. In addition, training is provided for top-managers of small and medium-sized businesses who participate in the project.Diagnostics of companies, expert consulting, trainings or seminars will be implemented on co-financing terms, in which 90% will be paid by "Damu" Fund, and the project participant will cover 10%.

In the framework of the "Asyldar" project, foreign missions can be organized for participants who have been diagnosed and have implemented recommendations of experts. The "Damu" Fund will ensure the selection of foreign companies for visits to the project participants.

Criteria for selection of project participants:

  • The place of registration of the applicant - Astana, Almaty, Almaty region, East Kazakhstan region, Karaganda region.

  • The type of activity of the participant is the manufacturing industry.

  • The form of ownership is completely private and owned by a citizen of the Republic of Kazakhstan.

  • The participant's business must be active for at least the last three years.

  • The head of the participant's company or his deputies should have experience in managing the business entity for at least the last 5 years.

  • The annual turnover of the company should be no more than 300 thousand MCI.

  • The number of employees is at least 15 people.

"Our new project "Supporting the operating business "Asyldar" began to operate in a pilot mode. We analyzed the foreign experience in this direction and dwelt on the positive experience of the SME Development Corporation of the Republic of Korea. As you know, Korea's SME brings the lion's share of the country's GDP. We also strive to ensure that our small and medium business is competitive and progressive. For this purpose, we have developed a project that will allow us to diagnose the "illnesses" of business, find the appropriate "treatment recipe" for them in the form of a roadmap for client development, form a plan, hold trainings and seminars and pick up the best enterprises abroad. All this will lead to an increase in production efficiency, a reduction in the cost of services or products, an improvement in the quality of services or goods, profitability and, ultimately, an increase in the competitiveness of the business, "said Gabit Lesbekov, Managing Director and Member of the Board of the "Damu" Fund.

More detailed information on the participation of entrepreneurs can be viewed on the page of the "Asyldar" project on the website of the "Damu" Fund.