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Support Program for Small and Medium-Sized Businesses engaged in the Manufacturing Sector (Tranche III of the National Fund, 50 bln. KZT)

How to obtain a loan at 6% per annum Under financing program for projects in the manufacturing industry.

Apply to one of the banks for a new loan or refinancing of the existing loan.

Provide the set of documents required by the bank. Together with the bank manager determine the CCEA code, which corresponds to the financed project.

If desired: after receiving a approval of the bank for a loan, ask for a copy of decision of the credit committee of " Damu " Fund for a guarantee of 20% of the loan amount.

General SMEs Financing Terms in Manufacturing Sector and Service Sector


Acquisition of new and creation and refurbishment of fixed assets; refinancing of earlier granted loans; working capital financing.

Nominal rate of Return

Not more than 6,0 % per annum

Amount of Loan

under 1 850 000 000 KZT

Loan Currency


Credit Line Availability Period

Up to 12 months

Loan Term

up to 120 months - for loans for the purchase, development and refurbishment of fixed assets and for the refinance of existing loans, previously aimed at acquisition, development and refurbishment of fixed assets;

up to 60 months - for loans for working capital financing and for refinancing of existing loans previously channeled for working capital financing.

Financed Sector

In priority sectors of manufacturing industry based on the following list

<:section regions?>Special Conditions

The Program prohibits the following:

  • participation in the authorized capital of legal entities;
  • for reimbursement for previously incurred costs;
  • for acquisition of fixed assets, assets from affiliated/related companies/entities;
  • projects that provide for the release of excise goods.

The following SMEs cannot be financed:

  • founders (including participants or shareholders) of which are National Holding Companies (NHC) holding companies (HC), Companies (NC);
  • founded by organizations, fifty percent or more of whose shares (stakes in the authorized capital) are directly or indirectly owned by the state, NHC, HC, NC;
  • non-profit organizations.